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The mold manufacturing process is a technical process involving both the customer’s engineering, project management and engineering departments of YSR Plastic Industries Ltd. and the engineering department of the manufacturer in China.

It is an iterative process built in stages whose purpose is to build a template in full compliance with the customer’s requirements and drawings. During the process which includes several steps, before starting the schedule counting and after, it is to catch design errors of both the product and the template.

As mentioned, the process includes the design approval phase of the template which is a preliminary phase followed by the production phase of the template. Below is the breakdown of the process and its main schedules: (the times are net working days and do not include weekends)

The initial design phase of the template:

  1. Receiving an order from the customer including 2D and 3D drawings of the parts approved by the customer for production

  2. Within 24-48 hours – transferring the drawings to the manufacturer. The manufacturer checks the compatibility of the drawings with the original drawings based on which the offer was given, and if there is a change, warns and even announces that there is a change in the price of the pattern.

  3. is transferred to us and we transfer it to the DFM. (DFM) 3. If there is a match, within 2-4 days a template concept is prepared for the customer to receive approval from him on various comments regarding the design of the products. At the same time we check the basic design of the template and approve it to the manufacturer with comments received from the customer. The total time here depends on the client because usually the client’s response time is the bottleneck in the process. Another factor that affects the time is the number of templates included in the project.

  4. and forwards again for our approval. Alternatively DFM 4. The comments are forwarded to the template manufacturer and he prepares a new version of the If the number of comments is small, he prepares a two-dimensional version of the template and forwards it to us for approval. The two-dimensional goes to the customer’s approval and is approved by us, and after all the approvals have been received, comments are forwarded to the manufacturer. (order of magnitude of 4-7 days depending on the customer’s response).

The total schedule for the above process in our experience is between 10 days and five weeks depending on the customer’s response time and the amount of templates in the project.

  1. If the two-dimensionality is approved for the continued production of the pattern, (design approval), the delivery time of the pattern to the customer begins to count

The mold production step:

  1. The manufacturer orders the raw materials for the mold and at the same time prepares a 3D drawing that is also approved by the customer and ours.

  2. After the approval of the 3D, the processing of the chips and the production of the parts of the mold begin

  3. Once a week, the manufacturer provides a Gantt board with the date of the mold injection and sometimes also photographs of the mold parts.

  4. (T0 the parts are injected and sent to Israel by courier. (One week to 10 days after T0 on time

Template approval step:
The average delivery time is 35-50 days or as specified in our offer. T0 from 2D confirmation to injection

  1. The parts are delivered by us to the customer who is supposed to return comments to us (time depends on the customer). The comments come back on the order of one to two weeks for correction (T1 to the manufacturer who corrects the pattern according to them and then injects the pattern from the moment our comments were forwarded to the manufacturer and depending on the type of correction required for the pattern). Again the products are delivered to us by courier and sent to the customer and the whole process repeats itself again, until final approval of the template by final approval of the products by the customer.

  2. Pattern finishes for polishing / texture are done in one of the last steps.

  3. We instruct the manufacturer to pack the mold and prepare it for shipment

  4. The mold will be shipped to the YSR Plastic Industries factory by sea or by air, according to the customer’s choice (shipping time by sea including clearances 30-35 days by air 10-20 days)

From the rich experience of hundreds of templates produced by us for customers, shortening these processes is problematic and may be a source of incompatibility between the customer’s requirements and the produced template.

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